The following video was produced in 2016, featuring the Hope Centre's Teen Peer Helping Program during Child and Youth Mental Health awareness on Gabriola Island. It was filmed on location as well as in the teen room at the Hope Centre.


The Teen Years 

Where prevention is sustained

Objective: to serve the youth on Gabriola Island by supporting them in staying resilient in their lives.


The Teen Years Programs

Youth ages 13 - 19.

We work with the developmental processes of youth ages 13 to 19 years old. As they experience the process of identity formation, we target healthy levels of autonomy and encourage a positive outlook on their future. Our programming is designed to insert as many developmental assets as possible into the environment of these youth's lives. The content of the programs challenges them in developing the necessary internal attitides to support them in thriving in their lives. All of this is carried out in a highly social and engaging environment where we offer fun and appealing programs that build supportive and trusting relationships with youth who participate. The objective we aim for with this age group in the teen department, is to meet our standards of maintaining and increasing healthy levels of resilience in youth 13 to 19 who reside in our community.

For more information about our Teen Years Programs contact us at 250-247-8730


Our Teen Peer Helper Initiative is our most effective strategy in supporting youth in staying resilient during their formative years. As youth separate and begin the process of establishing self-identity, they turn most often to their peers for influence, guidance, and support. By providing a constructive learning experience for youth, teaching them positive friendship skills, they can effetively support each other througn the sometimes complicated terrain of an adolescent world.

 The Team, the Training, the Projects, the Retreat.

The Team: this is where youth practice the skills taught and where friendships are formed around healthy positive projects. Most projects involve a great deal of team work. Bonding with their team, getting along with others, and learning how to work together, are all practiced as the years unfold. The Training ( 36 hours): all peer helpers are trained in how to be a good friend. The application of these skills is individual but the concepts are a starting point for everyone. Expectations are formed and levels of skill in getting along and working together are established over time as everyone applies what they have been learning. The Projects: the projects bring everyone together in accomplishing change. The process involves an intense experiential learning environment where planning, budgeting, team work, meeting deadlines, and following through, are all part of the peer helping experience. The Retreat: The FUN! At the beginning we go away to meet each other and figure out what the projects will be (and to have some fun), but at the end of the year the team gets together for a retreat to enjoy themselves and to be rewarded for all their hard work. The program itself has many highlights during which the team bonds and has fun. The youth in the program plan and fundraise for a suitable retreat destination, and every year the location changes. Each year the team designs a T-Shirt through a collaborative process of selecting from designs presented by the youth.


Youth who join this program start learning about making a difference through giving their time to what they are passionate about. Youth in this program have given thousands of hours of volunteer time and are a huge part of what makes the teen department tick and what makes this program so successful.



Friday Night Drop-in  7:00 pm to 12:00 pm, during the school year.

Saturday Night Drop-in from 5:00 to 10:00 pm.

Positive alternative recreation when paired with other prevention based strategies become extremely effective by supporting youth in staying healthy and resilient during their formative years. We offer a full range of recreation activities designed for the youth using our centre. Our recreation program includes our Friday and Saturday Night Drop-in (during the school year) with music system, pool table, gaming centre, a computer area, and comfortable seating in a special Teen Room setting.

For more information call Andrea at 250-247-8020


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