The Middle Years 

Where prevention continues

Objective: to serve the youth on Gabriola Island by supporting them in staying resilient in their lives.

We work with the developmental processes of this age group. We establish activities that focus on problem solving skills. We examine how much that is related to getting along with others and negotiating relationships. Through play, creative pursuits, physical activities, and a youth generated curriculum, we engage this age group in prevention programs that support skill development. Our programming is designed to insert as many developmental assets as possible into the environment of these youth's lives, while the content challenges them in developing the necessary internal attitudes to support them in order to thrive in their lives. With problem solving and social skill development as the core skill sets, we offer fun and engaging programs that build supportive trusting relationships with attending youth.

After School Licensed Care program

Monday - Friday, Three hours after school (also full days on Pro D days)

School Age

The After School Licensed Care Program runs five days a week during the school year. The developmental needs of this age group places our focus on enhancing problem solving skills and overall social competencies to meet the objective of promoting resiliency. The program is structured with a primary focus on relationship between staff and program participants and between program participants and their peers. We use arts, games, crafts, discussions, peer leaders and spontaneous interactions to enhance their social skills. This program links into our leadership initiatives where youth ages 11 - 12 act as peer leaders for this group, and implement much of the curriculum that covers problem solving and social competency.


HOPE for Grade 7's

Concurrent with the school year

HOPE for Grade 7's promotes resiliency among our youth ages 11 to 13. Resiliency is the ability to overcome obstacles. There are many real obstacles that youth face today as they navigate their way through the terrain of modern day adolescence. The question of how to support our youth has been answered by many different strategies. The HOPE for Grade 7's program interacts with youth through the perspective of prevention. The program equips our youth with the tools they need to keep themselves from harm.  Our focus is to educate, motivate, and facilitate youth's understanding of the power of making personal choices. This program runs throughout the school year. Our focus also includes establishing trusting relationships with the Grade 7 youth in order to provide a safe support the following year when they will attend high school off island.

Summer Fun Day Camp

During the Summer Months, Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:30pm

School Age

Children will have tons of fun while developing self-assurance, as well as social and problem-solving skills. The types of activities offered will include: Arts, Crafts, Games, Field Trips, Theme Days, Hiking, Biking, Outdoor Sports, Activities at local beaches, Drama, and Movies.