The Hope Centre on Gabriola Island

The HOPE Centre is a family of special services created and managed to meet the needs of the people of Gabriola Island. The Hope Centre’s family of services is housed in two buildings: The Hope House and the Hope Multi-Purpose Building. Each offer a variety of programs and services to children, youth and adults on Gabriola, programs and services whose aim is "hands on prevention and education,” offering islanders hope for a better tomorrow through qualified and professional services. These special services and resources are made available to families and individuals to support them in making healthy lifestyle choices.

Opening September/October 2019, the new Hope Learning Centre ( see page "Hope Learning Centre")

Our mission statement:

"To serve the children, youth and families of Gabriola Island by supporting and strengthening the resiliency in their lives."


H.O.P.E. is “Hands On Prevention and Education"

Hands on counseling and program facilitation give each program and service a user-friendly environment in which individuals and families are encouraged to participate to experience the full benefits of programs specially designed to meet specific needs

Prevention is the key to immediate action in order to keep the doors to hope and peace open in individual lives, family life and relationships.

Education is the foundation on which long term solutions are built to ensure that each learning experience is a progressive and proactive step towards a better tomorrow.


Programs and Services

Programs and services of The Hope Centre are designed to touch the lives of individuals and families as they face the challenges of: parenting, creating healthy families, being a new mother, being a single parent, raising better babies, setting boundaries for children, teens, and adults, youth leaders in training, the after school program, peer helpers program, and much more.

Our History

The HOPE Centre is a ministry initiative of VEA, Verstraete Evangelistic Association, founded in 1982, as a Canadian registered, non-profit, Christian charitable organization, with British Columbia Society status since 1994. Tax deductible receipts are issued by the Verstraete Evangelistic Association. The HOPE Centre offers counseling, resources, and programs to anyone in need regardless of social, economic, religious, age, or gender status, without any prerequisite of membership in any religious, non-religious or community organization, nor any pressure to become a member of any such organization. The affairs and management of The HOPE Centre are governed by the Board of Directors of the Verstraete Evangelistic Association. In 2012, the founding oganization celebrated 30 years of dedicated service, integrity, transparency, and accountability, 19 years of which have been in the community on Gabriola Island.


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